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Amazing how we can light up today with our actions of tomorrow.


"I come from a working class family with a long history of giving back to the community.  A family with strong and well grounded values and connection to our community, our environment, and our future. 

Washington State producing thousands of high school and college graduates every year.  Education is key to getting our community updated on current innovation and strategies in good family wage jobs that public education creates.


Washington state must work with local schools, colleges, and universities to create learning opportunities, internships, degrees, and certificated programs to meet the growing demand in this area.

We need to create a workforce development system is open for all, is inclusive, and conducts outreach to all of our communities.


Washington State has a huge responsibility to protect, preserve, and enhance the environment that it impacts every day. We have a great potential to boldly protect our environment and to promote our green economy.  Our state of Washington, the Evergreen State, deserves a plan that will help our environment for generations to come.  


We are blessed with a diverse community that provides new and enlightened perspectives that are needed in today's society. We must ensure that we look at policies, procedures, and budgets with an eye on how our actions will impact our diverse community.  

We must also ensure that we provide every opportunity to enhance our diversity through our policies and identify and remove barriers to diversity.

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